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Cleaning out your garage is a hassle but we can help! We have the experience to do these task quickly and with the least interruption to your daily routine as possible. Ideally we like to paint all the walls, ceiling and doors before we lay epoxy. This gives you a nice new garage. There is a process that is very dangerous called etching which is where we use a special acid to clean the floor from any grease, dirt and grime before applying epoxy. This ensures your epoxy will not bubble, or peel in the future. There are water and oil based epoxy products and also clear coat finishes that should only be done by a professional to achieve professional finishes. Epoxy, once dried and set, is very easy to clean.  You can take a blower and blow out dust and dirt. You can also clean it with soap and water just as you would your interior floors. Epoxy floors are not very expensive either. We start our pricing as low as $1099.00 Epoxy floors can be done in any color you want. Check out our gallery section for a video of our epoxy floor coating process.



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