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Painting the exterior of your home or business is extremely important here in Southern Arizona. We get an average of 284 sunny days! Those are all days in which the strong Arizona sun is beating down on your home. Without a strong protective coating, this means your exterior paint color will start fade, and then the stucco itself will begin to crack. This exposes you home to more deterioration including rain seeping into the cracks and making them worse. This could also lead to stucco cracks near your windows which could potentially lead to leaks inside your home when it rains — especially during our monsoon season.
Exterior wood is also susceptible to damage if it is not coated properly. Without a proper paint or wood stain coating and wood sealer, your wood will begin to crack, sag and even break. Exterior painting is the only protection your home has from the harsh sun and weather. Make sure you don’t leave your home unprotected.
We fix all of your stucco cracks prior to painting your home. We then prime all of these areas before applying only the best paint available. We also caulk any and all wood that has been neglected to restore it to it original state as much as possible.




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