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Interior painting is not as easy as people think. Before we even touch a paint brush or a spray gun we remove faceplates, move furniture, mask areas as needed, caulk cracks, patch drywall and apply texture, prime and the list goes on. Another issue that is often overlooked is the type of paint sheens involved with interior painting.The levels start at flat paint which is good for ceiling paint. Velvet or low sheen are good for larger rooms or larger homes that are not touched by human hands much. Eggshell or satin are a good all around sheen that can go just about anywhere if coated properly and dried correctly. Most people use eggshell on all walls leaving a nice shine. Semi-gloss is used for bathroom, kitchens, laundry rooms, doors and trim. This semi glossy paint is easily cleaned and is used in a lot of rental properties and home sales.




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