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Drywall Installation and Repair in Marana

Looking for reliable drywall repair in Marana, AZ? Call us for an estimate today.

Has your little one knocked a hole in the drywall while playing with friends? Or maybe you got overzealous with the hammer, leaving an unsightly nail hole in the middle of your living room. Whatever the damage, you can count on our pros at Goodwin & Sons Painting to fix it.

We also offer the best drywall installation in Marana. If you need to install new drywall for your home, reach out to our team of experts for a quote.

Have a look at our reviews, then call Goodwin & Sons Painting at (520) 990-2445 for drywall installation or repair in Marana, AZ.

Our Marana Drywall Patching Services

Many of our customers ask whether they can fix drywall themselves. While it’s possible to turn drywall patching into a DIY project, it’s better to call the professionals for repair if your drywall has serious damage.

Drywall damage isn’t always just cosmetic. Rodents and insects can make their way into your walls through holes, and good luck trying to get rid of them once they’ve found such a cozy setup. Moisture and hot or cold air can seep into your home through drywall cracks as well.

Goodwin & Sons Painting can fix any kind of drywall damage, from small to large holes and everything in between. Issues we resolve include the following:

  • Removal damage: Did you tear off a chunk of drywall while removing wallpaper or damage your wall when taking down a painting? This is a common problem that we can easily fix.

  • Moisture damage: If your drywall is damp and soggy or molding, you may have a leaking pipe behind the wall. We can safely remove the damaged drywall to give plumbers access to the damaged pipe, then patch things up once they’re done with repairs.

  • Dented corner beads: Corner beads join two sheets of drywall together. Over time, the metal can become dented and worn.

  • Loose drywall tape: Drywall tape sometimes peels away from the wall, revealing a vertical line where two walls meet.

  • Popping nails: Nail damage commonly happens when a homeowner doesn’t properly fasten a nail to a stud or joint.

  • Furniture damage: Did you accidentally damage your wall while carrying furniture into your home? Your drywall could require anything from a simple patch to major repair.

  • Tension cracks: These cracks sometimes appear around door frames and windows when the foundation of your home shifts.

  • Wallboard issues: If your wallboards look worse for wear, call us for wallboard fixing services in Marana. 

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    Professional Drywall Fitting in Marana

    If you need new drywall installed, you can count on Goodwin & Sons Painting to get the job done. We install drywall for new builds and existing properties. Our team uses the highest-quality drywall materials and can top things off with fresh wallpaper or paint for a flawless finish.

    Discover more about our team, then call us for drywall installation in Marana, AZ.

    Dependable Marana Drywall Installation and Repair

    With so many choices for drywall installers and repair technicians out there, it’s tough to choose the right contractor to service your home. Don’t opt for a fly-by-night contractor who’s been in business for a few months or less; stick with our friendly, family-owned business for a guaranteed job well done.

    The perks of choosing Goodwin & Sons Painting include the following:

    • We’re fully licensed and insured to give you total peace of mind.
    • Major brands such as AT&T, Texas Roadhouse, and The Ritz-Carlton are pleased with our work, and we know you will be, too.
    • Our clients praise us for our responsiveness, thoroughness, and professionalism. Have a look at our reviews to see for yourself.
    • We understand many of our clients are on a tight budget. Rather than suggesting the most expensive fixes, we offer affordable solutions that won’t hurt your pocketbook. Plus, we provide upfront estimates and won’t hit you with surprise fees.
    • We handle much more than just drywall installation and repair. Ask us about our interior/exterior painting, commercial painting, and stucco repair/installation services.

    We’ll Have Your Drywall Patched Up in No Time

    If you’ve got an unsightly crack or hole in your drywall, our team has the know-how to make everything look brand-new. Don’t risk further damaging your wall by attempting a DIY fix; call the professionals for repair instead.

    To schedule drywall repair in Marana, AZ, call the Goodwin & Sons Painting team at (520) 990-2445 now.

    John Calvano
    John Calvano
    What can I say. Their 5 star rating says it all. Just read all the other GREAT reviews they have. A very professional company from start to finish. Their workmanship surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Goodwin & Sons Painting. You won't be disappointed!
    Maia L
    Maia L
    I asked the Goodwins for fresh exterior paint. The painters were very thorough, caulking around the windows and filling in cracks. I'm relieved my house looks liveable again and they were so clean and tidy. Very much appreciate you all!
    Dan Stutsman
    Dan Stutsman
    Steve (the painting sub contractor) and crew did an outstanding job. They are friendly and their attention to detail was evident. Will definitely use Goodman's again.
    Penny Leinfest
    Penny Leinfest
    Let me start by saying I am somewhat of a perfectionist!! The exterior painting of my house done by Goodwin & Sons, Painters, Armando and Ernesto were attentive to every request. They were at our house at exactly 7 am exactly as they said. Painted for 5 full days. I would give them 10 stars if available!! The owner, Justin said don't worry about anything and that's exactly how it turned out. Fantastic!! Penny & Fred Leinfest, Oro Valley
    Jesus Millan
    Jesus Millan
    We had just purchased a new house that was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. Scheduling was quick and efficient. I loved the level of communication from owners and staff. There was a hiccup at the beginning but not on them at all. They were extremely patient with us while we dealt with the situation. Even through rainy days, Armando and Ernesto, made extra efforts to ensure the job was to my utmost satisfaction. I can safely say that it was. I'll have to come back and add photos. I also felt that the work quality matched the pricing well. I'll be recommending them to any friends or family who needs pro painters. THANK YOU
    Patti Harvey
    Patti Harvey
    Goodwin and Sons did a wonderful job painting the exterior of our home and the fences around our property. They repaired the stucco, addressed roof leaks around sky lights, and did all of this work with great professionalism. Justin and team were timely with our estimate, on time during the work, and very easy to work with. Every detail was attended to promptly and thoroughly. I highly recommend Goodwin & Sons and we will use them again for our interior painting needs.
    Rick Scott
    Rick Scott
    I hired Goodwin & Sons Painting about a year and a half ago to repair stucco and paint my home. Over the course of the last year, I started noticing crack in some of the areas repaired by the company. I decided to call the company to see how well they would stand by their work and low an behold they scheduled a time to make the repairs at not cost to me. They are here now making the repairs. Clearly, they are a company who stands behind their work when it does not meet their expectations. I would definitely hire them again and would recommend anyone interested in having their home painted they consider getting an estimate from this company. You will not be disappointed. It is son nice to see a company willing to back their work.
    Micky Davie
    Micky Davie
    Was looking for work ,but never actually went and talked to anybody.
    Karina Alvarez
    Karina Alvarez
    We had such an amazing experience with Goodwin and Sons Painting. They were responsive, detailed, and professional. They made sure to update us on every step of the process and everything was straight forward. They did exactly what they said they would do, without any surprises. We were really happy and impressed with their work. We will definitely keep them in mind for future projects!
    Kaela Nagle
    Kaela Nagle
    They added a wall and doors start to finish for a very reasonable price. I am incredibly happy with this company.

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