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Roof Coating Tucson

Do you want to add ten years to the lifespan of your built-up roof? Call Goodwin & Sons Painting today at (520) 990-2445 to schedule professional roof coating in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson’s brutal heat and strong UV rays can quickly diminish the durability of many roofing materials. When you notice leaks or ponding water on your built-up roof, you may think you must replace the entire roofing system. With a properly installed roof coating in Tucson, AZ, you can restore the surface of your roof while extending the system’s lifespan more cost-effectively. 

Goodwin & Sons Painting provides custom roof coating system solutions to residential and commercial properties around the Tucson area. With our roofing experts, you can enjoy premier craftsmanship, unmatched customer service, competitive pricing, and high-quality results. As Tucson locals, we understand the area’s demanding climate, so we deliver energy-efficient solutions built to last as long as possible under the desert’s harsh sun. 

Check out how we’ve helped your neighbors in the Tucson area by reading our glowing customer reviews!

Tucson Roof Coating Benefits

You want your roofing system to last as long as possible, but years of Tucson’s harsh climate can quickly create unpleasant problems. Flat roofing systems have increased risks of water damage and leaks as moisture gathers in low areas. If your roofing materials suffer any damage, this moisture will seep into the system, causing various concerns, including interior leaks. 

Whether you notice water stains on your upper-floor rooms, pooling water on the roof, cracking materials, or anything else, you must resolve the problem before a major leak occurs. Unfortunately, full roof replacements are time-consuming and egregiously expensive. As a property owner, you may not be ready to fork out the cash to replace your entire roof, but neither do you want to let the damage worsen, potentially compromising your home’s infrastructure.

A Tucson roof coating provides the perfect solution. Properly applied coatings can restore your system’s water-repellent surface while increasing the roof’s overall lifespan. If you have a flat, built-up roof, our roof coatings offer a durable, efficient, and cost-effective solution to almost any problem. 

The top benefits you can enjoy by choosing a roof coating in Tucson include the following:

  • Increased roof lifespan: Our coatings can increase your roof’s lifespan by around ten years. 

  • Reduced costs: Roof coating applications cost significantly less than full roof replacements. 

  • Flexibility: The Goodwin & Sons Painting team can apply a roof coating to numerous flat roofs. 

  • Increased waterproofing: Our elastomeric roof coating in Tucson improves your system’s waterproofing, so you don’t need to worry about leaks.

  • Improved energy efficiency: New coatings can boost your system’s energy efficiency, lowering monthly utility costs. 

  • Enhanced curb appeal: Applying a new coating will cover the unsightly damage from your previous layer, offering an enhanced curb appeal and aesthetic. 

  • Future opportunities: We can apply new coatings multiple times, typically every ten years. 

  • Increased property value: Each time you apply a new coating, it can increase your property’s value as it extends your roof’s lifespan. 

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    Selecting the Right Tucson Roof Coatings for Your Property

    Tucson roof coatings come in various material options, all with varying advantages. Our expert team at Goodwin & Sons Painting can assess your roofing material, damage extent, and budget to help you select the best material to extend your roof’s lifespan. We have expertise in all the top roof coating methods to apply each correctly, following the latest best practices for ultimate longevity. 

    The following are some of the roof coating options we offer:

    • RV roof coatings
    • Silicone coatings
    • Rubber coatings
    • Elastomeric roof coating
    • Metal coatings

    At Goodwin & Sons Painting, we pride ourselves on offering custom solutions for individual client needs. When you schedule your personalized consultation, we can discuss your roofing needs and budget to help you select the best material option for your system.

    Why Choose Our Team for Your Tucson Rubberized Roof Coating?

    So, why select Goodwin & Sons Painting for your Tucson rubberized roof coating installation? With our team, you can enjoy longer-lasting, higher-quality results as we’re committed to your satisfaction. As local roofing experts, we provide:

    • Accurate, upfront estimates
    • Comprehensive services
    • A 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Competitive pricing
    • Stress-free flexible scheduling
    • Prompt appointments
    • Transparent communication

    Continue learning about us and our values before scheduling your appointment so you know who will be working on your roof. 

    When you’re ready to extend your roof’s lifespan, call Goodwin & Sons Painting at (520) 990-2445 to schedule your professional roof coating in Tucson, AZ. 

    John Calvano
    John Calvano
    What can I say. Their 5 star rating says it all. Just read all the other GREAT reviews they have. A very professional company from start to finish. Their workmanship surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Goodwin & Sons Painting. You won't be disappointed!
    Maia L
    Maia L
    I asked the Goodwins for fresh exterior paint. The painters were very thorough, caulking around the windows and filling in cracks. I'm relieved my house looks liveable again and they were so clean and tidy. Very much appreciate you all!
    Dan Stutsman
    Dan Stutsman
    Steve (the painting sub contractor) and crew did an outstanding job. They are friendly and their attention to detail was evident. Will definitely use Goodman's again.
    Penny Leinfest
    Penny Leinfest
    Let me start by saying I am somewhat of a perfectionist!! The exterior painting of my house done by Goodwin & Sons, Painters, Armando and Ernesto were attentive to every request. They were at our house at exactly 7 am exactly as they said. Painted for 5 full days. I would give them 10 stars if available!! The owner, Justin said don't worry about anything and that's exactly how it turned out. Fantastic!! Penny & Fred Leinfest, Oro Valley
    Jesus Millan
    Jesus Millan
    We had just purchased a new house that was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. Scheduling was quick and efficient. I loved the level of communication from owners and staff. There was a hiccup at the beginning but not on them at all. They were extremely patient with us while we dealt with the situation. Even through rainy days, Armando and Ernesto, made extra efforts to ensure the job was to my utmost satisfaction. I can safely say that it was. I'll have to come back and add photos. I also felt that the work quality matched the pricing well. I'll be recommending them to any friends or family who needs pro painters. THANK YOU
    Patti Harvey
    Patti Harvey
    Goodwin and Sons did a wonderful job painting the exterior of our home and the fences around our property. They repaired the stucco, addressed roof leaks around sky lights, and did all of this work with great professionalism. Justin and team were timely with our estimate, on time during the work, and very easy to work with. Every detail was attended to promptly and thoroughly. I highly recommend Goodwin & Sons and we will use them again for our interior painting needs.
    Rick Scott
    Rick Scott
    I hired Goodwin & Sons Painting about a year and a half ago to repair stucco and paint my home. Over the course of the last year, I started noticing crack in some of the areas repaired by the company. I decided to call the company to see how well they would stand by their work and low an behold they scheduled a time to make the repairs at not cost to me. They are here now making the repairs. Clearly, they are a company who stands behind their work when it does not meet their expectations. I would definitely hire them again and would recommend anyone interested in having their home painted they consider getting an estimate from this company. You will not be disappointed. It is son nice to see a company willing to back their work.
    Micky Davie
    Micky Davie
    Was looking for work ,but never actually went and talked to anybody.
    Karina Alvarez
    Karina Alvarez
    We had such an amazing experience with Goodwin and Sons Painting. They were responsive, detailed, and professional. They made sure to update us on every step of the process and everything was straight forward. They did exactly what they said they would do, without any surprises. We were really happy and impressed with their work. We will definitely keep them in mind for future projects!
    Kaela Nagle
    Kaela Nagle
    They added a wall and doors start to finish for a very reasonable price. I am incredibly happy with this company.

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