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What To Do About Stucco Delamination

Stucco delamination is something that every homeowner with stucco should know about. When it occurs, delamination can make it seem like your home’s walls are completely falling apart. Knowing how to respond will help you deal with the issue and prevent it from worsening. 

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What Is Stucco Delamination?

Stucco consists of multiple layers of concrete-like materials with a wire mesh backing. These layers must all hold together for the stucco to maintain its appearance. 

Stucco delamination is when these layers start to separate. They may separate from each other or from the mesh itself. 

Causes of Stucco Delamination

Improper installation causes most cases of stucco delamination. If the installer does an improper job, the stucco is more likely to fall apart later on.

Potential installation issues are numerous. The problem could be the result of: 

  • Improperly prepared layers: The layers of stucco each rely on each other. If one is improperly prepared and starts to deteriorate, it will impact the entire wall. 
  • Moisture intrusion: Moisture is a major hazard for stucco walls that can cause them to deteriorate or lead to the buildup of harmful material, like mold and mildew. To prevent this, you need to take proper steps during installation and make sure to adhere to proper drainage system requirements
  • Freezing of the final layer during the finish coat application: The cement that makes up stucco contains water. If this water freezes during the installation process, it can cause the stucco to crack.  
  • A rushed job: Stucco layers need time to set, which means you cannot rush the process. If you do, some layers may not dry completely and will be less durable. 

Causes of EIFS Delamination

EIFS systems have entirely different potential causes of delamination. In these systems, the EPS foam can experience issues that cause delamination to occur. 

The foam, like the stucco layers, can have moisture enter and cause it to fail. The foam can also fail on its own. 

There are also cases where the foam itself entirely separates from the substrate. These types of substrate issues, like other issues with substrate, require extensive and costly repairs. 

Potential Problems From Stucco Delamination

Stucco that is falling apart reflects poorly on your home. It makes it seem like the house is falling apart and will only get worse with time. 

However, appearance isn’t the only problem it presents. Stucco delamination can also promote the growth of mold or encourage rot. If left untreated, it can also cause damage to the frame, leading to structural issues. 

What To Do About Stucco Delamination

The best course of action when dealing with stucco delamination is to get professional help. Stucco repair and remediation isn’t something that you should attempt to DIY. 

The reason for this comes back to the importance of proper stucco installation. Attempting to reinstall your home’s stucco opens up the door for another improper installation, leading to more issues down the road. 

With trusted professionals, you don’t need to worry about installation problems. Professionals can examine the stucco, determine the degree of damage, and provide a lasting solution. 

Fixing Stucco Delamination

The exact nature of a stucco fix will depend on how exactly it is separating. The degree and type of separation will have a dramatic impact on how much work you will need to do to fix it. 

  • Top layer separation: If the finish coat is the only part of the stucco that is falling apart, it is relatively easy to fix. The fix requires removing this top layer and replacing it. 
  • Lower layer separation: If the layers underneath the top layer are experiencing issues, repair will be more complex. You may need to remove and replace all the layers leading up to the compromised layer. 
  • Substrate separation: If the stucco completely separates from the substrate, the repairs will be the most extensive. In this case, you will need to remove nearly everything and reinstall the stucco. 

Addressing Your Stucco Issues

Stucco delamination isn’t an issue you should ignore. Doing so will only make the problem worse and can even lead to more issues. 

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