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when to worry about cracks in stucco

Here’s When To Worry About Cracks in Stucco

When you notice a crack in your stucco, a thousand questions may instantly run through your head. Is this crack the first of many, or will it stop here? Is it a sign something is wrong with your home? 

While there is a time to worry about stucco cracks, they aren’t always a problem. Knowing when to worry about cracks in stucco and when stucco repair in Tucson, AZ, is necessary is key to keeping your home stable and beautiful. 

Should You Worry About Stucco Cracks?

In some cases, stucco cracks are a sign that something is wrong with your home. They could indicate a foundation problem or a major settling issue. 

In these cases, the problem will get worse even if you fix the crack. Fixing the issue that is causing the cracks is key to stucco crack prevention. 

In other cases, stucco cracks are not a big deal. They commonly occur as a result of small issues, such as new home settlement or the mud mixture drying too quickly. In these cases, repairing the crack and not worrying is the best course of action. 

Signs Indicating Problems With Stucco

So, how do you know when to worry about cracks in stucco? There are signs you can look out for during a stucco crack assessment.  

Certain signs indicate the cracks are problematic. If you see these, you have cause for concern. 

Large Cracks

Stucco crack severity, as indicated by the size of the cracks, is the first sign to look out for. Hairline cracks, which are small and thin, are quite common. They are usually the result of small and natural changes and are quite innocuous.  

However, larger cracks are more of a problem. Specifically, look out for cracks that are larger than 1/16 of an inch in width. At this size, they turn from a normal occurrence into a sign that something is wrong with the house.  

Cross-Patterned Cracks

Small stucco cracks that simply run alongside each other aren’t much of a concern. However, if cracks come together to form a cross shape, there is an issue. Specifically, look for instances when vertical and horizontal cracks cross each other. 

Cross-patterned cracks indicate that the framework supporting the stucco is faulty. If left untreated, the cracks will only get worse, and the stucco could break away entirely. 

Diagonal Cracks

Diagonal cracks are another indication of when to worry about cracks in stucco. You’ll typically see these around door and window frames. 

These types of cracks point to foundation damage. The problems here vary, yet are serious. If your home has a foundation issue, you’ll want to take care of it as soon as possible. 

Cracks With Other Foundation Issue Signs

Stucco cracks, on their own, aren’t always a sign of foundation issues. However, when you notice a few minor cracks alongside other signs, there might be a problem. 

Other signs your home has a foundation issue include cracks in the drywall, sloped floors, and warped door frames. Any of these issues could appear on their own, or they may appear together. 

So, if you notice a few stucco cracks, you may not have a problem. However, if you notice stucco cracks and also see that your doors are sticking because of a warped frame, you are far more likely to have a problem. 

What To Do About Cracks in Stucco

When cracks form and don’t show signs of concern, you can fix them with basic stucco repair. You can attempt this yourself or get help from the professionals. 

If the cracks do show signs of concern, a stucco inspection is necessary. Having a professional look at the issue and determine what is wrong is the best option. From there, you can move forward with fixing the problem. 

While doing this, keep stucco crack repair timing in mind. Waiting longer to fix your stucco issues won’t make them go away. Instead, they are likely to get worse. 

Contact Goodwin and Sons Painting for Assistance

So when should you worry about cracks in stucco? If the cracks are exhibiting signs of a deeper issue, you should start to worry. In these cases, you’ll need professional help to deal with the problem. 

Whether you need intensive repairs or just some stucco crack maintenance, Goodwin and Sons Painting can help. We’re a family-owned business that knows how to look for and address issues with stucco. We even provide related services, like drywall repair

Are you worried about cracks in your stucco? Give Goodwin and Sons Painting in Tucson, AZ, a call at 520-990-2445.

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